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`Iolani Palace T-Shirt


`Iolani Palace T-Shirt


The `Iolani Palace

The `Iolani Palace is widely recognized as the physical, cultural, and spiritual epicenter of the people of Hawai`i, and now, this crucial landmark needs our help. 

Typically funded by the consistent flow of tourists, the Palace now struggles to maintain its operations due to the unprecedented drop in incoming visitors. 

The Palace now turns to its people, the very people it proudly represents to the globe, for support. It is an opportunity for the people of Hawai`i to prove that they are worth representing, and it is an opportunity Kaunamano Farm will not miss. 

Our Contribution

The `Iolani Palace T-Shirt is a statement to the world that not only does the Palace deserve our help, but that it can be supported by another crucial element of Hawaiian culture: AGRICULTURE. 

By Eating With Impact, not only can we rebuild our nation's food resiliency, but we can contribute to keeping this historic landmark up and running. 

For every t-shirt sold, Kaunamano Farm will donate $10 to the Palace, and Kamehameha Schools will match our donations up to $10,000

Our goal is to raise $10,000 directly from Kaunamano Farm (1,000 shirts) plus the $10,000 from KS, bringing the total to $30,000! 

Order an `Iolani Palace Bundle today and make your impact heard!