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Why are your products so expensive?

It is expensive to farm in Hawai`i! We filmed a video breaking down the costs that can be found on our Instagram, but here is the short recap for one pig at Kaunamano Farm: 

Feed cost: $600

Labor cost: $508

Slaughter cost: $170.10

Total cost (per pig): $1,278.10

Divided by average weight of 210 lb: $1,278.10/210 = $6.07/lb 

This means it costs us $6.07/lb just to raise the animal, not including the extra fuel, time, and effort spent gathering the extra foods that diversify its diet. After this, we still incur shipping costs, labor costs post-harvest, operating costs, marketing costs, and more! 

As we said, it is expensive! We hope this breakdown explains why we need to charge the prices we do - it's not a choice, it's a necessity. However, the only way this is going to change is if we begin increasing production and reaching economies of scale, which means buying locally even when it's more expensive.

Hawai`i's future depends on it. 

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